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Feeding young growing minds

By: Tsoana Nhlapo & Aadila Ebrahim

Former South African president and world icon Nelson Mandela said about Human Rights, “To deny people their Human Rights is to deny their very humanity.” Hillary Clinton added her voice and said “Human Rights are Women’s rights and Women’s rights are Human Rights.” We, at the Tigerbrands Foundation agree with both but we’re particularly fond of former president of Senegal, President Leopold Sedar Senghor’s quote when he said, “Human Rights starts with Breakfast.”

All human rights are indivisible, whether they are civil and political rights, such as the right to life, equality before the law and freedom of expression; economic, social and cultural rights, such as the rights to work, social security and education, or collective rights, such as the rights to development and self-determination, are indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. The improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others. Likewise, the deprivation of one right adversely affects the others.  On December 10th South Africa and the rest of the world commemorates International Human Rights day.  In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  In 1996 former President Nelson Mandela signed into law the Democratic Constitution of South Africa. This day then provides an opportunity for all humanity to introspect and reaffirm their commitment to the preservation and upliftment of the Universal Human Rights.

As we wrap up 2015, we look back at the highlights we’ve had as a Foundation in our constant attempt to improve human lives in particular the lives of the children of South Africa. By the end of 2015, we would have served about 30 000 000 meals since the beginning of our “In- school feeding Breakfast programme”. We adopted a school in Meqheleng in the Free State. We adopted our first school in the Northern Cape Province in partnership with Sishen Solar Facility, the first partnership of its kind since the start of the in-school breakfast feeding program. This is an external corporate partnership between the Foundation and another corporate. The programme is a fully funded partnership by Sishen Solar facility and The Tigerbrands Foundation to provide breakfast to the learners of Deben Primary.  The latter school in Dibeng, Northern Cape is one of the biggest schools to be adopted in the program with a number of about 1 600 students.

During the month of December 2015, in honour of the International day of people with Disability (commemorated on December 3rd) we adopted our first special needs school within the North West province. These learners of Rekgonne Bapo special needs school will receive their first breakfast at the beginning of the 2016 school term through a corporate partnership between the Foundation and Nungu Distribution .

Nungu Marketing and Distribution in partnership with the Tigerbrands Foundation have committed to providing breakfast to the children of Rekgonne Bapo for the next 5years. This is the 2nd partnership of this kind in the “In-school Breakfast Feeding Programme.” We will be looking for more such partnership in the New Year.

To ensure adequate nourishment for our children during the Festive season, we distributed food parcels to our schools across 3 provinces including the newly adopted Rekgonne Bapo special needs school. On the 14th December, we will be launching the research done by the University of Johannesburg on the impact our breakfast have on our learners lives.

In 2016 we will be taking on additional 12 more schools into our programme. All of the above we do to better the lives of humanity in our bid to upholding the Human Rights enshrined in our beloved Constitution as we strive to do much more. 

The Tigerbrands Foundation wishes everyone a Merry Festive Season and a Prosperous 2016